GrammarSongs by Melissa

A Musical Revolution In Learning

GrammarSongs Digital Learning Bundle

Grammar Songs

Get the best ELA solution in an easy-to-use digital format:

  • A digital download (approx. 330 MB) which includes:

    • Over 43 original and exclusive animated video songs -- great for those times when not using a DVD!
    • Videos are in the industry standard MP4 file format -- playable on PCs, Apple, and Android devices, giving you and your student full flexibility!
    • Over 200 corresponding printable activities w/ answer keys -- covering English Language Standards in an easy-to-use PDF file format!

  • Exclusive access to my members-only website, designed to present ELA standards in a user-friendly interface for both the classroom and/or home PLUS:

    • The GrammarSongs Learning Plan -- Melissa's 22 years of experience is incorporated into each ELA concept, giving you her instructional approach to maximize your student/child's learning potential!
    • Even MORE animated videos and activities not available anywhere else!
As I am fully confident my system will become a required element in your student's curriculum, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 90 days from the date of purchase -- my commitment to you and your student's success!

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