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Melissa @Home Learning Offer

Grammar Songs

First, as a thank you for supporting my dream, you will receive today:

  • My entire GrammarSongs collection to date in a digital download (ZIP file, 330MB)
  • A special 2-DVD set of over 40 video songs to use in any standard DVD player/drive
  • Exclusive access to my members-only website

You will secure special pricing for my Melissa @HOME product, allowing me to finish production for you, launching in the new 2017-2018 school year – here are some highlights of this special offer:

  • Melissa’s award-winning system and proven classroom success: You will have weekly streaming lessons with Melissa directly into your home or classroom (available online 24/7 as needed for additional review)
  • Weekly live Q & A chat sessions: You can ask and engage with Melissa directly for maximum support for both you and your child
  • Unparalleled value: For the cost of a few hours of an in-person tutor, you get Melissa (the founder of GrammarSongs) teaching your child for an entire school year – there is no other similar offer available anywhere else
  • Learn with confidence: You and your child’s needs are paramount as Melissa has a dedicated team ready to address any technical or customer care needs, ensuring your success
  • Learn English the right way, in the right order: Melissa connects each concept for full comprehension and retention by her unique approach – all while engaged and having FUN
  • Limited introductory price availability: We have limited available membership slots at this special introductory price – our thank you for helping fulfill Melissa’s dream

$ 99.99