GrammarSongs by Melissa

A Musical Revolution In Learning


I am a homeschool mom of a 10 year old boy who hates grammar. I discovered your website and it has changed our lives. He gets it finally. Thank you so much for making this available. God's Blessings!

Hi Melissa, This is better than the best! I stumbled across this while looking for videos on how to teach personification. My students LOVED it (as did I) and I can't wait to incorporate more into lessons. I have shared with colleagues. Incredible! Thank you again!

Tiffany Adams
Both of my children have been diagnosed with autism and they are age 7 and 8...they both love your DVDs and have learned almost all the things in them. Please direct me to DVDs on story comprehension or that you can make for us? I am willing to pay for them, because your materials have really made a difference! Thanks, Melissa. Keep up the great work!

Fabulous!!! I teach English as a second language and have helped create a grammar curriculum for my district. It has not always been easy to find materials for my little ones. :-)

Shannon L.
Melissa, your songs are great! I used them last year with my 4th graders and they loved them! Music is such a great way to help our students learn. Thank you for all your hard work in making these!

My students and I really enjoy using GrammarSongs in the classroom. These songs appeal to a wide range of learners. I have gotten these songs stuck in my head many times, which is a good thing! Melissa presents this difficult to understand material in a way that is easy for the students to understand, all while being entertained and having fun. I have even used these songs to help my own children understand the difference between a homophone and homograph during homework time.

Tina H.
I am thankful for finding resources that use music for learning. It is engaging, and stimulates my students' thinking! Thank you for putting great creative tools available to my students. They love it!

Ben J.
Today Emily received a homework pass because the teacher asked a tricky question in English to see if anyone could answer..........and the question was......... WHAT IS PERSONIFICATION? Well I am sure you can guess which student knew the answer, and defined it very clearly...... EMILY, one of the stars of Melissa Corbett's Grammar Songs! Thank you so much for preparing my daughter for middle school and for your wonderful Grammar Songs, which have helped her to understand the terms perfectly and be able to communicate that understanding to others! I love, love, love that she knows all of these wonderful things! Way to go Melissa! Thank you again!

Thank you, Melissa! My fourth graders love this! Thanks for making grammar fun! :)

Denise R.