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iPad Users

There is a known issue specific to the Safari browser & iPad in how it downloads certain file types. If you are experiencing issues downloading content with your iPad, here is some information that can help you:
Safari on the iPad does not have the ability to download files. The reason for this is that the iPad itself does not give the user access to a normal file system for file storage as you have on a Mac or Windows computer and so there is nowhere to "save" the downloaded file.

There are alternative options, however. If you download a 3rd party web browser to your iPad, such as the Atomic Web Browser or iCab Mobile, then you can download and save files to an online storage app such as Dropbox (which you must also have installed).

Links for further research/trial:
Atomic Browser:
iCab Mobile:

Dropbox app (requires a Dropbox account):
If you are still having issues, please send us a message here.
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