GrammarSongs by Melissa

A Musical Revolution In Learning

Melissa @Home Learning Offer

Have Melissa, the founder of GrammarSongs and a teacher of 22 years help your child learn English Language Arts using her award-winning, fun and engaging approach directly in your home!

$ 99.99

Wait, what is GrammarSongs?

It's an innovative and memorable way to teach English Language Concepts in grammar, reading, and writing. Catchy and fun, these educational songs reach students on a level that promotes both their understanding and retention of language skills required in life.

Cool! And how did GrammarSongs begin?

The founder of Grammar Songs is Melissa, a teacher of twenty-two years. Although suffering from a sensory-neuro hearing loss, this did not stop Melissa from reaching her students through the power of music.

In a period of only 4 ½ years, Melissa was responsible for teaching K, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades (some of those in combination). Covering so much material in such a brief time, Melissa drew upon her musical inclination to turn abstract ideas in grammar and writing into stories put into song for students to learn from and enjoy.

Within the classroom, Melissa saw the success of music coupled with instruction. Her students repeatedly drew upon the material learned in song format and transfer it into other areas (e.g. writing, worksheets, analyzing literature). The songs were highly effective for her students, including students with various learning requirements who learned in nontraditional ways. These success stories inspired Melissa to bring her gift of music and love of teaching and children to the world.

Wow, that’s an incredible story.  Can you tell me about your exciting new offering?

For the first time (and I have yet to find anyone else doing this online), I am making myself directly available to YOU – homeschool parents and teachers – everywhere.  I am leaving the classroom, bringing all my experience and tools, and becoming your private virtual teacher.  By using my GrammarSongs videos and activities, along with my instruction, I aim to bring real meaning to abstract concepts, bridging the gap between reading, writing, and grammar.  I discovered using a musical foundation, and a comprehensive approach increases a child’s overall retention and learning aptitude – not only in English – but in all areas of academic study.   It is a unique, engaging and fun approach and now without the limitations of the classroom, we can put the FUN back in learning!

This is so exciting!  I want to help you!  What is provided when I take advantage of this offer today?

First, as a thank you for supporting my dream, you will receive all of the following today:

  • My entire GrammarSongs collection to date in a digital download (ZIP file, 330MB)
  • A special 2-DVD set of over 40 video songs to use in any standard DVD player/drive
  • Exclusive access to my members-only website

And by purchasing today, you will secure special pricing for my Melissa @HOME product (allowing me to finish production for you) launching in the new 2017-2018 school year – here are some highlights of this special offer:

  • Melissa’s award-winning system and proven classroom success: You will have weekly streaming lessons with Melissa directly into your home or classroom (available online 24/7 as needed for additional review)
  • Weekly live Q & A chat sessions: You can ask and engage with Melissa directly for maximum support for both you and your child
  • Unparalleled value: For the cost of a few hours of an in-person tutor, you get Melissa (the founder of GrammarSongs) teaching your child for an entire school year – there is no other similar offer available anywhere else
  • Learn with confidence: You and your child’s needs are paramount as Melissa has a dedicated team ready to address any technical or customer care needs, ensuring your success
  • Learn English the right way, in the right order: Melissa connects each concept for full comprehension and retention by her unique approach – all while engaged and having FUN
  • Limited introductory price availability: We have limited available membership slots at this special introductory price – our thank you for helping fulfill Melissa’s dream

Awesome!  But what if I have more than one child?  Is it okay if more than one student from the same family use the membership?

Of course! Sharing within a family is fine, assuming those family members do not log in from many devices on many different networks (coffee shops, schools, cell network, etc) that your account would appear to have been compromised.  We only ask you do not share your account password outside your family.

This is great, thank you! I think I’m ready, but I'm a little nervous about giving my credit card info, is your site secure?

I totally understand!  But we never actually see your credit card info. Whether you elect to use PayPal or enter a credit card, your transaction is handled by the secure servers which specialize in secure internet payments.  We use Shopify – a trusted e-commerce industry leader – for our transactions.  Your connection is completely encrypted, fully secure.  We simply receive your name, address, email and that you have paid.  You have nothing to worry about – we promise!


“Melissa – you are pure sunshine!  You are a woman of integrity, compassion, and strength – and I aspire to live with the same kind of joy you do no matter the circumstances. The way you taught my daughter through music has changed the way she looks at learning.  Before your class, she was struggling with learning but more importantly didn't enjoy learning.  You changed that for her three years ago and now she is excelling and loving learning. I will always be truly grateful.” - Former Parent

"I've worked at the university as an educator, and now supervising teachers, for the past 45 years.  She is a once in a lifetime teacher.  The way she integrates these subjects with music is one of the most effective learning tools in education today. The way her music is integrated into one cohesive plan is genius.  Perhaps one day she'll be able to expand her teaching style beyond the classroom walls." - Educator, M.A, Doctorate of Education